Zingaro Eclipse
Each Zingaro performance, each night is another milestone on a long journey.
ÉCLIPSE shows the distance traveled. A new approach-dancers riding horseback , horseback-riders dancing. Under new rules-no more color, just black and white, light and shadow. Above all, a new musical background, Shinawi melodies and the "blook-soaked" voices of Pansori song, an infusion into troupe of an inner ancestral strengh associated with Korea, land of the tranquil dawn. And, overall a relentless quest for primitive ascetiscm. Sometimes it takes the experience of a lifetime to execute a simple gesture. Bartabas knows equestrian art is major art, and he also knows he has to prote it over and over again.
Anne Laurent

In French theater, horse are kings… Once again Zingaro's Horses are the stars of Éclipse. Out, as ever, what makes the show in their apparent humanity, that is, their ability not simply to perform on orders but also somehow to communicate with the men and the women riding them and the dancers and acrobats who share the arena with them…
The New York Times

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